Mercedes Peón (Galicia) is one of the most charismatic woman in the current World Music circuit. Born in 1967 at age 13 she heard the singing of several women from the Costa da Morte. The playing of the tambourine and singing ribeirana were the drivers to collect the songs, dances, stories and experiences of his fellow countrymen in the villages. She transmitted all of this knowledge through education, municipal schools, on TV Galega, and at universities like La Sorbonne, Oporto, Wales etc.


The variety of compositions, that starts with a polyrhythm under the gaze of the most ancient rhythms, culminating in the vibrant and unashamedly eclectic themes, her vast repertoire, the energy that they possessed in each of her performances, make this woman, a betting secure the continuity of ethno-contemporary scene in Europe.


Once delved into the tradition for over 25 years, in 2000 she recorded her first album called Isué. She expressed herself free of clichés, and spread across the field without any international media effort. In her later works - Ajrú in 2004 and Sihá in 2007 - her compositions took it to a particular atmosphere skimming the electro-acoustics, making the outcome of her distinctive mark in and out of borders.


Her later works have a close collaboration with other disciplines of dance - composing the music for O Kiosco das almas perdidas of the Galician Choreographic Centre. Sound Advice and electro-acoustic composition for the show Concerto desconcerto of the company Entremáns. Music Composition for the book Solo dos of Maruxa Salas, and even the cinema - music composition from the film documentary by Margarita Ledo Liste, pronunciado Lister and the short film Cienfuegos 1913 by the same author.


In late 2010, she releases her fourth album record deal ...---... SOS, cutting-edge music, categorized as mature, cool, amazing, creative. Deeply conceptual, shows an evolution and a time in her career especially bright. Created, performed, produced and mixed by itself is an exercise in micro-composition, where the final result, greater than the parts that compose it, stands as the most avant-garde of contemporary and edited so far.

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