Luís Galrito

A songwriter who writes about his own preoccupations, perspectives of the World, the meaning of Life and Love.



Lyricist, composer, and singer of his own songs, one can see in Luís Galrito a strand of a troubadour and a healthy mix  of the roots of Alentejo’s folk; region where he is from. Galrito is also influenced by urban and modern references.


There’s a natural and unpretentious intervention in his songs, allied to a romantic vision that is reborned continuously in his texts and in his peculiar voice when accompanied by a guitar. 


Luís Galrito has already worked in various projects, not only with his songs, but also with songs of other Portuguese singers, such as Zeca Afonso or Adriano Correia de Oliveira. In his records he had the participation of well-known singers: Kalu of Xutos e Pontapés and Luís Jardim, the producer of his most recent CD of originals “Quero ser Humano”.    

Lately, he has performed many shows with the group Canto Livre, where we can assist to a fusion of styles and personal experiences of each musician of the group. One can also notice a mixture of arrangements and sonorities, of traditional and also urban and modern styles, which works as reference and tribute to Portuguese songwriters who influence generations.

Upcoming concerts

14 de Novembro centro autárquico de Quarteira